Activity based program – Adventure Therapy and Nature experience

Reconnecting with nature helps to create some distance in order to regain focus on essential needs and, therefore, to enable an interruption of dynamics that negatively impact physical and psychological wellbeing. Since movement helps the process of quietening the mind and enables a process of mental reorientation, great value is placed on movement/activity therapy. An invitation for such an adventure can be found right at our doorstep and allows us to step out and experience the woods, meadows, clear mountain streams, and the magnificent alpine world. Activities are designed to create enjoyment and ensure that the participant is not overwhelmed; they are also intended to offer a challenge to the individual. The program is well rounded offering multiple activities from simple walking in nature, over meditative running, Nordic walking, (snow shoe) hiking, cross country skiing and Nordic cruising to more challenging activities such as mountain biking, climbing, white water rafting, and ski tours. Each of the activities is offered at different levels of difficulty and adapted to the abilities of the participants.

Experiences of nature allow for more differentiated perceptions, resulting in a better sense of connectedness to self and the attainment of openness for new aspects. The therapeutic goal of these interventions is, essentially, a “de-stimulation” of the senses and of the mind.