Maga. Walpurga Sima


Social-Therapeutic Coaching, activity program, EU project management, evaluation and research, administration


  • Study of Sociology
  • Currently training as a psychotherapist in the ÖAGP (Gestalt theoretical psychotherapy)
  • Outdoor pedagogy


  • Social therapeutic staff member at the Health Center Knappenhof, Reichenau/Rax
  • Morgenstern Society, Wöllersdorf – independent living assistance, support and care for adolescents and young adults with special needs
  • Grüner Kreis (Association for the rehabilitation and integration of individuals with addiction disorders) Coaching and support, coordination of sports and recreative activities, administration
  • Staff member at the Institute for Social and Health Psychology, Vienna; the Psychosocial Institute, Vienna; and the Institute of Sociology, Vienna.