Therapiesalon im Wald

Liebe Therapiegäste,

Voraussichtliche Wiederaufnahme des Therapiebetriebs 16. Juni.
Reservierungen werden ab sofort entgegengenommen.
Detaillierte Infos unter +43 664 130 21 12, Dr. Thomas Legl

Kontakt: Office +43 664 249 51 10
Dr. Thomas Legl: +43 664 130 21 12

is a facility that provides treatment for individuals suffering from psychosomatic symptoms. Our experienced team of multi professionals offers treatment options embedded in an integrated and holistic model.

Therapiesalon is a private facility situated in the tranquil town of Edlach, at the foot of the Rax. Committed to the highest standards of quality and confidentiality, treatment and interventions are tailored to fit personal needs and introduced in context to the problems or symptoms experienced by the individual seeking support. We offer immediate help for psychosomatic disorders such as Burnout Syndrome, Anxiety and Panic Disorders and Depression as well as for Substance Related and Addictive Disorders.

A distinctive and unique therapeutic experience is possible through the integration of our programs into the natural surroundings of the Viennese Alps. Therapeutic spaces are enlarged by the healing qualities of nature. Treatment is offered in an inpatient and outpatient setting.

For detailed information call +43 664 130 2112 or mail to Contact: Dr. Thomas Legl. We look forward to answering your inquiry and questions and to guiding you through the referral and intake process.