Misson Statement

The goals of the Therapiesalon are oriented towards holistic treatment and the prevention of psychosomatic disorders.

The possibility of avoiding hospitalization while being able to rely on high standards of psychological and medical care makes our therapy concept special. Natural surroundings paired with a familial atmosphere offer the ideal framework within which the re-creation of health can be promoted and sustained.

Intakes at our center are possible at short notice; the recommended duration of therapy is defined by the severity of the individual’s chief complaints and symptoms.

We offer comfortable accommodation with a guarantee of utmost confidentiality in an upper middle class hotel in the midst of an untouched and natural environment.

Our striving for a successful accomplishment of therapy goals is supported by a healthy and well balanced diet. The facility is run by an experienced multi-professional therapy team, which previously shared its expertise at the Health Center “Knappenhof”.

Since our groups are limited to only a few patients, our support team is able to respond to individual needs continuously. Extensive guidance enables an easier start and can help to overcome initial insecurities or uncertainties which in turn can help de-escalate acute symptoms. The next steps will then allow a focus on treatment by utilizing the client’s own resourcefulness. Active engagement in the process of therapy is an essential part of the solution oriented approach and a basis for reviewing the own rate of recovery.

Apart from the tightly knit psychotherapeutic program offered at our center, our model places equal emphasis on daily and active physical movement; ideally this will occur outdoors in nature. A variety of seasonal sports, a holistic exercise program, massages, and other forms of physical activity strengthen vitality and a positive approach towards the own body as well as confidence in ability to perform adequately. This approach accounts for the somatic aspects of psychosomatic problems and is consistent with empirical findings.

Best practices of holistic treatment for individuals suffering from psychosomatic complaints and problems are applied by an experienced and multi-professional therapy team.