Maga. Ramona Ritter-Weilguni


Art Therapy, Nature Therapy


  • Education: work with children and adolescents
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Study of Ethnology, Culture and Social Anthropology with a focus on Ethno-psychoanalysis, Ethics, Women’s studies, Art, and Photography
  • Art Therapy by Bakowsky with a focus on: Nature as an experiential principle – in the tradition of LandArt and Earth Based Process Work
  • Systemic Art Therapeutic supervision
  • Continuing education for constellation work (ÖfS, APSYS) and systemic Nature Therapy (planoalto, natur&healing)


  • Kindergarten educator/teacher
  • Life Coaching at the association P.A.S.S. (Wien) Addiction therapy with individuals and groups, support for family members, preventative measures of addiction, organization and support for the training of support staff working with addiction in adolescence, public relations etc..
  • Trainer for the BBRZ (Wien) for adolescents and individuals impacted by long term unemployment with a focus on creative training methods and life coaching.
  • Private practice as an Art Therapist, systemic supervision and nature therapy seminars
  • Art Therapy at the Health Center Knappenhof, Reichenau/Rax