The basic structure of our holistic treatment model consists of psychological care and psychotherapy, (medical care), treatment models based on creative methods, and adventure based focus through experiential therapy methods in the midst of nature. A multi professional team of experienced therapists, physicians, psychologists, massage therapists and outdoor adventure experts support the individual in the quest to find the own inner healing potential and the ability to connect with inner resources.

The therapies offered are effective as individual treatment as well as in a group therapy setting.

In addition to traditional medical and psychological or psychotherapeutic approaches, alternative adventure therapy and creative therapy approaches complement and enhance our holistic model.

Pillars of Treatment

  • Psychotherapy, psychological counseling, coaching
  • Harmonization and relaxation, deceleration
  • Adventure and experiential therapy, movement
  • Medical diagnostic assessments and movement


Therapy concept

Please download our therapy concept for a detailed description and selection of therapies offered and a description of the focus of therapy.
Therapy concept