Residential Therapy

In coordination with the degree and duration of the presenting problem, Therapiesalon offers two basic treatment structures aligned with the problems and needs of the individual client:
Long term treatment program: duration – min. 3 months or more
Short term treatment program: duration – min. 10 days or more

Long term treatment

Focus group: Individuals with longstanding problems, chronic presentation of disorders or unsuccessful attempts at therapy, and individuals experiencing difficulties in maintaining or achieving prior levels of functioning (especially vocational functioning). Individuals of this focus group are oftentimes referred to as “revolving door patients” in conventional facilities. However, positive treatment outcomes are to be expected through long term and consistent intervention.

Areas of application: Recurring depressive disorders, addictive disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and compulsive disorders, progressive Burn Out syndrome

Duration of treatment: 3 to 18 months

Since transitions between syndromes and disorders are fluid, it is not a specific symptom or the diagnosis, but rather the severity and degree of impairment which determine the length of therapy.

Short term treatment

Focus group: Socially integrated individuals with reactive symptoms.

Areas of application: Burn Out problems, mild depression, beginning or early problems of addiction, fatigue, relationship problems, problems with life orientation

Duration of treatment: 10 days to 3 months


Long term therapy Room Catergory A (Double room for single use) € 255,- / day
Category B (Single room) € 230,- / day
Short term therapy Room Category A (Double room for single use) € 360,- / day
Category B (Single room) € 330,- / day

Rates are all inclusive: therapy services, room and full board, refreshment beverages and a tea counter.